Gomorrah, California: A Biblical Big Bang Theory Alluison

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Most people have shows they DVR and watch religiously. For me, The Big Bang Theory is one of those shows. The show depicts daily like for four male scientists working at Cal Tech and their significant others. This series is filled with hilarity and it does not kill brain cells. That’s right! You can actually learn random, true, facts from this show! Yay knowledge!

Throughout the series we are introduced to several smaller characters. These people seem to pop in and out of episodes on a whim and are not considered to be “main” characters. One of these such characters is Sheldon Cooper’s mother, Mary Cooper. Mary Cooper is a deeply religious woman from the great state of Texas. She is very conservative and also very verbal on her opinions. For instance, she states that, “Well, I can’t spend 12 thousand dollars on a handbag, but it’s free to look upon those who do with righteous condemnation”. She also says, “You’re missing out; it’s going to be wall-to-wall fun; it’s all themed. There’s Jonah and the Whale-watching. All you can eat Last Supper buffet. And, my personal favorite, Gunning with God”. These are just two quotations that show just how openly religious this woman is.

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The quote I would like to concentrate on is from an episode entitled, “The Rhinitis Revelation”. In this episode, Mary Cooper comes to town to visit Sheldon and his friends for a few days. She gets into a fight with her son and spends most of her time sight seeing with his friends. One of the sights they visit is a church. In this church she encourages all those in her company to pray. She starts her pray by saying, “It’s easy. I’ll show you how. Lord, Mary Cooper here. Coming to you from Gomorrah, California”. Her reference to Hollywood as “Gomorrah”, brings to mind several different ideas that add to scene and her characterization as a whole. This entire scene within the church shows the intent of the writers, producers, etc., to portray Mary Cooper as a member of the “bible belt”. Even with out the reference to Gomorrah, we still get that same picture. So why is this reference made?

This reference adds to the episode because it gives the watcher a deeper view into the Psyche of Mary Cooper. Through this small, seemingly insignificant line, we see how shes views this particular city. In the book of Genesis we see the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. These were obvious cities of disobedience to God and sexual abominations. This city was ultimately destroyed by the same God that Mary Cooper worships. The fact that she would refer to Hollywood as “Gomorrah”, California, shows that she equates that city with sexual abominations and a general way of life that is against her God. It also shows the viewer this character’s judgmental nature and how critical she is of people who live in a different manner than what she deems fit.

In conclusion, when watching our favorite shows or listening to our favorite songs, if we’re looking carefully we can find a biblical “easter egg” that will lead to a better understanding of the song, show, or even book. The reference to Gomorrah in the Big Bang Theory, shows not only the type of place the character views Hollywood, but also develops her character by hinting at a possible judgmental and critical nature.


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