Christ Allusion in “The Big Bang Theory”

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I don’t watch a lot of TV. I have a few shows I record and watch when I’m bored. The Big Bang Theory is one of these shows. This series follows six scientists and one ditsy waitress aspiring to be an actress. The friends in this series seem to be held together by the oddball of the bunch. This oddball is a theoretical physicist named Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon is originally from Texas where he was raised to be a God-fearing southern male. However, he grew up to be the opposite in every way possible. Sheldon was a child science prodigy who apparently spent his adolescence doing advanced science projects. He sees himself in a very omnipotent, god-like manner. This elevated sense of self comes from his insane confidence in his intellectual ability. Throughout the series there are constant references to Sheldon being superior to everyone, even his best friends that are also fellow physicists.

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The episode entitled, “The Skank Reflex Analysis”, portrays an allusion of Christ on the cross. One of the minor plots in this episode is that Sheldon takes over their department paintball team. When his teammates decided to give in the towel, Sheldon takes it upon himself to sacrifice himself for the team. He walks out onto a small mound, provokes the enemy and gives himself over to their bullets. He concludes the scene by saying “if there’s ever a church of Shledon, it starts today”.  This scene alludes to the crucifixion because Sheldon has his arms up in a similar matter to what Christ would have had on the Christ. It alludes to Christ because Christ for the Christians is the head of the church and here we see that Sheldon sees himself similarly as the head of the “church of Sheldon”.

The reason for the allusion in The Big Bang Theory is to push the point further of just how highly Sheldon sees himself. Sheldon sees himself as a god compared to other “normal” people. In most episodes, Sheldon just states his superiority. He’s gone as far to as to say he is a new and improved species. In “The Skank Reflex”, Sheldon goes a step further and places himself in a similar light to Christ.

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